Hello, I am

Rodney Johnson

UX/UI Designer
With a passion for creating seamless user experiences for all users.

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About Me

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Here is a little backstory on who I am. I got a very early start in business. My father and I started an embroidery company when I was 13. We ran it for more than 13 years. Our business was my first introduction to design. Part of my duties was to edit and digitize all of the artwork that came in. This is where I begin to fall in love with designing. Business and design have been apart of my life from a very early age. It's was only right that I marry those two together and become a UX Designer. In my opinion, I get the best of both worlds

If you're still reading this here's a golden nugget, I got married September 01, 2019, to that beautiful lady you see in those photos on the left. Here is a link to our wedding website.

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What I Do

UX/UI Design

  • Usability Flow Diagrams

  • Information Architecture

  • User Interface Design

  • Interaction Design

  • Wireframes & Prototypes

  • Build Design Libraries

Product Design

  • Gather business requirements 

  • Data Driven Design Approach

  • Collaborate with cross functional teams. 

  • Drive product and company strategy through design thinking

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  • Conduct User Behavior studies.

  • Create flow diagrams

  • Conduct usability test

  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data

  • Conduct A/B Test

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How I Do It?

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To me, research is always step one on new projects. I take this time to fully understand the project requirements and goals. Doing research helps me in two areas, understanding the problem for the business and understanding the problem for the user. 

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After understanding the problem, I begin the wireframe stage. For me, this is my first pass at creating design solutions. During this process, I turn my whiteboard sketches into lo-fi wireframes.  Here is where design solutions are first introduced. 

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Here is where I like to bring lo-fi, mid-fi, and even High-fidelity wireframes to life. At this point in the process, I am demoing the design flow. At this point, I’m ready to start sharing with others to review and receive feedback. 

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Once I have a fully fleshed out prototype. I begin to test the design solution with product owners, team members, and potential users. This phase is crucial in understanding if the proposed design solution is performing as intended for the expected user and business outcomes. 

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We made it! At this phase, design specs have been handed over to developers. Developers have to take  my designs and developed them for public viewing.  Now we launch and analyze the performance of the project to ensure the new design solutions are performing as expected. 


Some of my work


Embassy Redesign |

Hilton World Wide

As the Brand Ux Architect, I was given the responsibility to redesign the Embassy Suites website. The goal was to bring the Brand Pillars to life as well as let users understand what makes Embassy Suites different from other hotel brands.


CDA Web App |

CORE Construction

It was my responsibility to create a web app that would directly connect information from the mobile app to the web application. The sole function of the web applications is to be a one-stop-shop for all information pertaining to CORE Disaster Services projects.

CORE iPhone Mockup.png

CDA Mobile App |

CORE Construction

My goal was focused on designing an app that made the documenting and processing of project houses efficient and intuitive for users. With this goal accomplished we saw an increase in user satisfaction and engagement that lead to an increase in profitability per project.

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How can I help you?

Why did you become a UX Designer

I’ve always had a love for business development and growth. I’ve also had a passion graphic designing. When I found User Experience Designing, I felt that it was the perfect opportunity for me to merge two passions into one.

How many years of experience do you have?

This year will be my fifth year as a UX Designer. I have fifteen years of graphic designing experience.

What is your favorite part of the UX process?

I enjoy every part of the UX process. If I was forced to pick a favorite part, it would be the discovery and wireframing phase.
In the discovery phase, I am a student. I'm focused on learning as much as I can about the problem and the users.
During wireframes, I get to be the most creative when solving design problems. I might come up with a few different solutions. I stay focused on working and iterating through wireframes to ensure I have found the right solution that supports the overall goal of the project.

What would you say is the next big trend in UX Design?

In the coming future, I see a growing need forr integrating 3D elements along with the evolution of AR technology leading UX industry in the near future. I also see the evolution of Voice User Interfaces.

What tools to do you use most in your design process?

Adobe Suite
Sketch Figma
Axure ProtoPie InVision Avocode

Lets Talks

Ask me about anything  or just say Hi!

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