My Story

Here is a little backstory on who I am. I got a very early start in business. My father and I started an embroidery company when I was 13. We ran it for more than 13 years. Our business was my first introduction to design. Part of my duties was to edit and digitize all of the artwork that came in. This is where I begin to fall in love with designing. Business and design have been apart of my life from a very early age. It's was only right that I marry those two together and become a UX Designer. In my opinion, I get the best of both worlds. (Ohh if you're still reading this here's a golden nugget, I got married September 01, 2019, to that beautiful lady you see in those photos below. Here is a link to our wedding website.)


I feel my core strengths are user research, usability testing, user acquisition, and design thinking for problem-solving. I believe in the use of wireframes and prototypes to test ideas and concepts before development. I often participate in a variety of cross-disciplinary activities. When It comes to my work, I always take pride in what I do. I  will always put my best foot forward and do whatever is necessary to meet deadlines as well as exceeding client expectations. 


Thank you for stopping by, reach out to me so we can make better user experiences together. 

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