In this project, I along with a team of four other individuals redesigned the front end of Broomly’s administrative software, with the goal being to make it more intuitive and to make a clearer first impression to new users. In this project, I used a variety of different UX Design skills. I was tasked with user research, user testing, redesigning of the reports page, user flow, information hierarchy, making all of the interactions in the prototype, presenting to stakeholders, as well as annotations of the project to be delivered to developers.

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My Persona Process


For this project, I had the opportunity to sit with each person that currently used the software. I was able to get a baseline for the types personalities as well as the strengths and weakness for the current usage of the software. With that information, I created my persona.




My team and I immediately started with research on the current software we gained access to the software so that we could go through it ourselves and map out the current flow. Once we had a good grasp on how the software worked and some of the pain points that we ran into ourselves we scheduled an interview with the current users of the software.

In our usability testing, we had current users talk and show us their process and how they used the current software. After those initial test, we begin to get a better understanding of how we could improve the website. I was in charge of making sure we captured and added the right features to the pages that would increase productivity. Here are a few of the photos of our process.


Designs / Redesigns


Being a SaaS software, we focused on functionality as well as improving the user flow. I begin to focus my thoughts on streamlining some of the current software processes. In their current software to view the business reports as far as invoices, payroll, sales, and scores it would take up to four different screens open on two different monitors to perform the task efficiently.

Keeping future users in mind, knowing that not every user in the world has the option for multiple monitors we needed to create a flow that would streamline this task along with many others.

The focus became putting all the possible information on one screen. Here you will see how I put multiple reports pages into one quick view. One thing I also added that would help improve the overall function of the reports page. I made actionable items apparent. So not only could you see an over all glance of the business reports. You could invoice, run payroll, etc.   from that same screen without needing multiple tabs open.


Sketches / Site Map


One of the recommendations that I offered to my team once we properly scoped the project was using Axure. I felt that Axure would be more beneficial for a software redesign. It would give us the functionality that we needed, to make sure that, we offered the best working prototype. Once we agreed to that I immediately begin whiteboarding my reports page. In my whiteboard sessions, my primary focus was to streamline the reports page.

After many whiteboard sessions and paper prototypes, I begin user testing. Once it was evident what design direction I would be heading in, I started building my wireframes. After my wireframes were complete, I submitted them to my teammates for testing.



Here is where it all comes together. I along with four other individuals contributed to the completion of this project. I couldn’t be prouder of my team. Even with all of the ups and downs we still pulled it all together and delivered everything we promised the client and more. I am happy to present this project to you. I had a hand in helping every team member and was part of the decision making every step of the way. Because I wore various hats on this project, I have many different perspectives on this project. From the initial user testing, user flows, personas, and the information hierarchy. I feel that I was able to apply all of my UX Design skills throughout different parts of the project. Below you will find a link to the prototypes. You will also be able to download my case study for this project.

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