For this project, our client Kickstarter wanted my team to add recurring payments to their existing business model. After receiving the brief my team and I began to converse about what we already knew about Kickstarter as well as making sure we had a clear understanding as to what we were going to need to accomplish for the client. With this project, we did a lot of user research and gathered information about the habits of Kickstarter backers.

I performed in-person interviews; I also conducted the phone interviews. Our largest amount of information came from surveys that we had conducted online. Below shows some photos of the brainstorming process, sketches, low and high fidelity prototypes ending with the actual final prototype.

My Persona Process


I started with research on Kickstarter's average user as well as find out why they back projects. I also needed to understand the types of projects they backed. From the information that I gathered certain traits begin to form. Once those personalities started to develop, I decided the next option would be to do an infinity map. Here are some photos of the infinity map as well as characteristics of my persona. 


Brainstorming / Research

Beginning with the questions of why? Why recurring payments? Who does recurring payments? What are peoples feelings towards recurring payments?  What are their concerns or issues with recurring payments? Asking these questions, allowed me to focus on adding recurring payments added to Kickstarter. As you will be able to see the process was not a short process, but through this type of brainstorming, I was able to come with a certain solution.


Sketches / Site Map


I believe that starting out on paper or whiteboarding helps put things in place early on. I get to visually see how things are flowing and coming together and can make quick changes without it costing a lot of time or rework. For me sketching is a very crucial part of the process. I tend to start sketching very early in the process and sometimes allow it to be my guide through the course of the project. 


Low/High Fi Prototypes


Using my sketches as a reference guide I can quickly begin to use the sketch app to bring the research, brainstorming, and sketches to life. Here is where you can see what works and what doesn't work and what needs improvement before shipping off to developers. I can do usability testing based off of what we have come up with so far. We all know that our end goal is to put it in the user's hands. This makes sure we are putting the right things in the user's hands.





This project was an excellent project to take part in. It at times presented many different challenges. This project allowed me to shine in certain parts of the process but also allowed me to grow in others. I feel in every project there is an "ah ha" moment. In which you feel enlighted by what the user is experiencing and being able to solve that problem that maybe the user didn't know they needed solving or that they felt improved the overall experience with the business. For this project, I was able to accomplish all the goals as well as exceed the expectations of the client. 

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