Latest Projects

Embassy Final Mockup.png
Hilton World Wide | Embassy Redesign

As the Brand Ux Architect, I was given the responsibility to redesign the Embassy Suites website. The goal was to bring the Brand Pillars to life as well as let users understand what makes Embassy Suites different from other hotel brands. I spent a great deal of time researching and understanding the brand positioning as well as understanding it's customers. Taking the time to understand their expectations and wants I was able to design a page that not only increased revenue for the brand but it promoted the overall brand awareness. It is my honor to show you how I did just that. 

CORE Construction | CDA Web App

It was my responsibility to create a web app that would directly connect information from the mobile app to the web application. The sole function of the web applications is to be a one-stop-shop for all information pertaining to CORE Disaster Services projects. Things that are included with this app include scheduling of homeowner availability, tracking the progress and status of each home, keeping up with the documentation of each property, and the various documents that are required by local, state and government officials, tracking and scheduling of manpower, billing and much more. 

CORE iPhone Mockup.png
CORE Construction | CDA Mobile App

For this project, it was my responsibility first to understand why users weren't taking enough photos to properly document the progress of a house from beginning to end of completion. After identifying the root causes of the lack of photo documentation, it became my primary responsibility to design an app that made the taking of photos effortless and intuitive. Accomplishing this goal would help improve the communication of the progress of each house, which would increase our user satisfaction in our app, as well as enhance the engagement with other applications to help make the company more profitable

Gold Broomly.png
Broomly| Saas Software Redesign

In this project, I along with a team of four other individuals redesigned the front end of Broomly’s administrative software, with the goal being to make it more intuitive and to make a clearer first impression to new users. In this project, I used a variety of different UX Design skills. I was tasked with user research, user testing, redesigning of the reports page, user flow, information hierarchy, making all of the interactions in the prototype, presenting to stakeholders, as well as annotations of the project to be delivered to developers.

iPhone FrontALL THREE_edited.png
Kickstarter | Boost App Development (beta version)

For this project, our client Kickstarter wanted my team to add recurring payments to their existing business model. After receiving the brief my team and I began to converse about what we already knew about Kickstarter as well as making sure we had a clear understanding as to what we were going to need to accomplish for the client. With this project, we did a lot of user research and gather information about the habits of Kickstarter backers. I performed in-person interviews; I also conducted over the phone interviews. Our largest amount of information came from surveys that we had conducted online. Below shows some photos of the brainstorming process, sketches, low and high fidelity prototypes ending with the actual final prototype.


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